Here and there

When you explain to someone where something is, you need to know how to say that it's over there, it's inside the drawer or closet, etc.  Look closely at the table for the related words. See if you can figure out why they're related.

 here  aquí, acá
 there  allí, allá
 everywhere  en todas partes
 nowhere  en ninguna parte
 up, upstairs  arriba
 above  arriba de
 down, downstairs  abajo
 below, under  bajo, debajo de
 the front  el frente
 forwards  adelante
 in front of  enfrente de / delante de
 the back, the bottom  el fondo
 at the back, at the bottom  al fondo de
 the side  el lado
 to the side of, next to  al lado de
 backwards  atrás
 behind  detrás de
 the top, summit  la cima
 on top of  encima de
 between  entre
 close by  cerca
 close to  cerca de
 far away  lejos
 far from  lejos de
 inside  adentro
 inside of  dentro de 
 outside, outdoors  afuera
 outside of  fuera de
 the left  la izquierda
 to the left of  a la izquierda de
 the right  la derecha
 to the right of  a la derecha de

Play games to memorize the vocabulary.
Translate these sentences into Spanish in class.
  1.  My classroom is close to the bathroom but far from the office. 
  2.  We're studying inside while (mientras) it's raining outside. 
  3.  At the front of the classroom there's a clock, and at the back of the classroom there's a window.
  4.  My notebook and pen are on top of my desk.