Prepocisión: Tarea 

Write the sentences in Spanish. Do not use a translator. Use the rules and examples in 1.4H. You can also use to look up words.  

gift = el regalo

I use = uso

snapchat = snapchatear

still = todavía

text = mandar SMS  

yet = todavía  (same as ‘still’)


1.  The gift is for my mom.

2.  I don’t talk by phone.   I use my phone to text or snapchat.

3.  I’m not at home yet.  I’m still at school.

4.  My brother’s dog is really nice.

5.  I’m going to the mall with my cousin.

Fill in the blanks.

6. Hay un partido ____ Fenway este fin de semana.  There’s a game at Fenway this weekend.

7. ¿Vienes __________?   Are you coming with me?


8. No, gracias. Voy ___ la playa ____ mi familia.  

9. Es el juguete ____ gato _____ mi tía. It’s my aunt’s cat’s toy.


10. ______ ir a la biblioteca, necesitas carro.  In order to get to the library, you need a car.