Learn 'tener' idioms 

How do you say you're hungry or sleepy in Spanish?  How do you say you're feeling hot or cold, or even that you're 14 years old?  In Spanish, you use the verb tener for all these expressions.

 to be afraid tener miedo
 to be cold tener frío
 to feel like [doing something] tener ganas de
 to be hot tener calor
 to be hungry tener hambre
 to be right tener razón
 to be sleepy tener sueño
 to be thirsty tener sed
 to be # years old tener # años

Play games to memorize the vocabulary.

Answer in-class questions.
  1.  I feel like playing a game. __________ de jugar un juego.
  2.  Eva is 14 years old. Eva __________ 14 __________.
  3.  After playing soccer, Juan is hot and thirsty. Después de jugar fútbol, Juan __________ y __________.
  4. The lost cat was cold and hungry. El gato perdido __________ y __________.