Cultura: Tarea

If you're thinking of travelling for an extended period of time, say for a gap year, you have many options.  Read some students' experiences teaching in Patagonia, in Chile, through one such program.  Then read some students' experiences volunteering in an orphanage in La Serena, Chile with a different program.  For a different kind of experience, in a different country, read about another student's experience in Ecuador with a third program.  

Read about taking a gap year here and here. Pay special attention to what your options are.  Answer the following questions in English.

1. Imagine that you took a gap year. Where would you go? Why? What would you do? Why?

2. If you went to Chile as a tourist, where would you most like to go? Why?

3. If you went to Chile to volunteer, what field would you be most interested in? (E.g., teaching, conservation)