Happening Now

In this chapter you'll learn how to ask someone to do something for you.  You'll also learn the past tense, so that you can tell your friends what you did ayer, la semana pasada, o en las últimas vacaciones.

You'll also learn how to stress that something is happening right now. To do this you'll learn the -ing form in Spanish, which is also called the present progressive.  You'll also learn to text in Spanish and explore a culturally and geographically diverse country, Chile. 

  • Learn the present participle
  • Learn the present progressive (conjugation of estar + present participle)
  • Learn the regular past tense
  • Learn the verbs that are irregular in the past tense
  • Learn affirmative tú form commands
 Vocabulary and conversation:
  • Talk about what you and other people did in the past
  • Tell someone to do something for you
  • Talk about what you and others are doing right now
  • Learn about Chile