2.3J Tarea

Fill in the table with the missing words. Llena la tabla con las palabras apropiadas.

 English Spanish
  el bote
  el camión
 front seat 

Escribe las frases en español. Write the following sentences in Spanish. Do not use a translator.

1. Even (Aún) in the back seat of (de) the car, I use a (uso un) seatbelt.

2. I have (Tengo) the keys of the pickup truck.

3. Javier has to inflate (tiene que inflar) the tires and fill (llenar) the gas tank of the truck.

4. You have to buy a (Tienes que comprar un) ticket to get on a (para subir a un) bus, train, or plane.

5. A sailboat is smaller than a (más pequeño que un) cruise ship.

6. Boats and ships float on (flotan sobre) the water.