2.3i Tarea

Fill in the table with the missing words. Llena la tabla con las palabras apropiadas.

 English Spanish
  el edificio
  el aeropuerto

Escribe las frases en español. Write the following sentences in Spanish. Do not use a translator.

1.  Wall Street is located (está) in the downtown of (de) New York.

2.  Follow (Sigue) the sign to (a) LaGuardia Airport from (de) the city.   

3. Transportation in the city is frequently by (frecuentemente por) bus, taxi or subway.

4. Usually (Usualmente), there aren't (no hay) stoplights on bridges or highways.

5. The department store is located (está) in the mall.

6. The hospital is close to (está cerca de) the university, but is far from (está lejos de) the stadium.