Learn e-i boot verbs 
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Remember that there are 3 kinds of stem-changing verbs:
1. e - ie stem-changing verbs
2. o - ue stem-changing verbs
3. e - i stem-changing verbs

In this lesson, we'll talk about the third kind of stem-changing verb, e - i.

Here are the steps for conjugating an e-i stem-changing verb.
1. Take off the -ar, -er, -ir ending.
2. You're left with the stem. Change the last e to i
3. Add the conjugated ending.

Look at the example e-i stem-changing verb, pedir.  The stem changes are in red, the unchanged parts of the stem are in blue, and the -ir verb endings are in green.

Watch the video on e-i stem-changing verbs.

Quiz yourself on e-i stem-changing verbs.

Mira la lista de verbos comunes de cambio de raíz e-i:

 competir  to compete
 corregir  to correct
 decir  to tell, say
 despedir  to say goodbye (reflexive), to fire (someone)
 elegir  to elect (someone), choose (something)
 pedir  to ask for
 reír  to laugh
 repetir  to repeat
 seguir  to follow
 servir  to serve
 sonreir  to smile
 vestir  to dress

Completa las tablas de conjugaciones, y luego completa los espacios en las conversaciones.