Learn o-ue boot verbs  
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Remember that there are 3 kinds of stem-changing verbs:
1. e - ie stem-changing verbs
2. o - ue stem-changing verbs
3. e - i stem-changing verbs

In this lesson, we'll talk about the second kind of stem-changing verb, o - ue.  To conjugate these verbs, you start and end the same way you conjugate regular verbs. You simply add in one extra step.  After taking off the -ar,-er, or -ir ending, look for an o in the stem, and change it to ue.  Are you conjugating a verb in the nosotros or vosotros form?  Then don't do the extra step, and conjugate the verb just as you would a regular verb.

1. Take off the -ar, -er, -ir ending.
2. You're left with the stem. Change the o to ue
3. Add the conjugated ending.

Look at the example verb below, dormir.  The stem changes are in red, the unchanged parts of the verb stem are in blue, and the -ir verb endings are in green

There is one o-ue verb that is actually a u-ue verb: jugar.  See the conjugations of jugar, below.
jugar (play)


Watch the video on o-ue stem-changing verbs.

Quiz yourself on o-ue stem-changing verbs.

Mira la lista de verbos comunes de cambios de raíz o-ue:

 acostar  to lay down
 almorzar  to eat lunch
 contar  to count
 costar  to cost
 devolver  to return something
 dormir  to sleep
 encontrar  to find
 envolver  to wrap
 jugar  to play (a sport or game)
 morir  to die
 mover  to move (something)
 poder  to be able to
 sonar  to make a sound
 soñar  to dream
 tostar  to toast
 volar  to fly
 volver  to return (from somewhere)