What you wear

In this chapter you'll learn to talk about what you wear in summer, winter and special events.  You'll learn the names for your sports equipment and clothing.  

You'll also learn the parts of the body and of the face.  And you'll learn the name of common personal products you use. You'll learn how to say that you don't feel well.

You'll also learn about a special kind of verb, called a stem-changing verb, that undergoes a spelling change in most conjugations that regular verbs don't.

You'll review possessive adjectives, like my, your, his and her and you'll learn more about prepositions in Spanish.

  • Use stem-changing verbs
  • Learn reflexive pronouns
  • Review matching plural nouns to articles
 Vocabulary and conversation:
  • Talk about clothing
  • Talk about parts of the body and the face
  • Talk about sports equipment and personal products
  • Talk about not feeling well, and describing symptoms
  • Learn about the country of Argentina