Verbos ayudantes  Helping verbs

When you say you can do something, you need to do something, or you plan to do something, you're using a helping verb.   You use a helping verb before another verb to describe the time when you'll do, or your attitude toward, the main action. 

When you use both a helping verb and a main verb, you only conjugate the helping verb, and leave the main verb in its infinitive form (meaning, not conjugated).  You may also use a preposition between the verbs (usually the word a, meaning to).
See the formula for using a helping verb (you can use the same formula in English).

helping verb (in conjugated form) + (optional preposition) + main verb (in infinitive form)

Quiero ver una película.
I want to see a movie.

Necesito comprar los boletos.
I need to buy the tickets.
Voy a llevar dinero.
I'm going to take money.

Puedo caminar al cine.
I can walk to the movie theater.
Pienso salir a las cinco.
I plan to leave at five.

Pregunta a tu compañero: ¿Qué tienes que hacer hoy después de clases? 
                                              ¿Qué quieres hacer este fin de semana?

Haz el ejercicio de práctica:


acabar de = to just finish
deber = should
ir a = to be going to
necesitar = to need to
poder = can
querer = to want to
tener que = to have to