Soy yo, y estoy feliz  I'm me, and I'm happy


Welcome to Unit 2 of Spanish class!  With your mastery of the previous material, you will be more than prepared for what's ahead.
In this upcoming Unit you will learn lots of new concepts and expand on what you learned in the previous Unit.  You'll revisit ser and you'll learn about estar, the other verb that means to be in Spanish.  Ser means to be, whereas estar can mean only to be feeling, or to be located, or to be only momentarily. You'll also revisit the verb ir, which means to go and is probably your new best friend once now that you know how often you use it in Spanish.  

Your new vocabulary includes places in your house and neighborhood, clothing, and parts of your body and face.  

Your new grammar includes learning about stem-changing verbs.  It also includes talking about what you're doing right now (present progressive), and asking someone to do something for you (tú form commands). 

You'll even start to learn the past tense, so you can talk about what you did and where you went last weekend or on your last vacation.

Don't forget about all of the resources available to you as you work through this Unit, and really take your time to commit everything to memory because, as you know, there will be a quiz when all is said and done. But don't stress about that for now; if you do all the activities, web explorations, and assignments, you will be more than ready by the time the quiz rolls around.