1.4L Los verbos -er
Los verbos -er

Remember that all verbs in Spanish either end in -ar, -er, or -ir?  In lesson 1.4K, you learned about verbs that end in -ar. In this lesson, you'll learn about verbs that end in -er.  Two common verbs that end in -er are comer and beber, which mean to eat and drink.  

Remember that to use verbs in Spanish, you take off the -er, -ar, -ir ending, and replace it with an ending that tells who's doing the action.  What you're doing is matching the verb to who's doing the action. This is called conjugating the verb. Remember that to conjugate means to match.  To conjugate a verb means to match it to the person, place or thing doing the action. 

verb - er  + new ending

1. Take off the -er ending.
2. Add one of these 6 endings: o, es, e, emos, éis, en.


Watch the video on common -er verbs and the 6 -er conjugations.

Quiz yourself on -er verb conjugations.
Common -er verbs:

 to learn  aprender
 to sweep  barrer
 to drink  beber
 to eat  comer
 to understand  comprender
 to run  correr
 to believe  creer
 should, must
 to hide  esconder
 to put (in)
 meter (en)
 to possess  poseer
 to turn on (a device)
 to promise  prometer
 to break  romper
 to surprise  sorprender
 to knit
 to fear
 to cough
 to sell