Gramática: ¿Adónde vas?

To tell your friends where you're going, and where you like to go, use voy.

     I go to the park on Saturdays.
     Voy al parque los sábados.

     I'm going to the park this Saturday.
     Voy al parque este sábado.

As you can see, voy means both I go and I'm going.  It's really easy to use.

To ask your friend where he or she's going, use vas instead.

     Where are you going?
     ¿Adónde vas?

      Are you going to the amusement park?
     ¿Vas al parque de diversiones?

See how to say she's going, we're going, etc., in the chart below.

 to go            to be going  ir 
 I go                 I'm going  voy 
 you go      you're going
 (informal) vas 
 (formal) va 
 he goes       he's going
 she goes   she'
s going
 we go          we're going  vamos 
 y'all go  y'all are going
 (informal) vais 
 (formal) van 
  they go  they're going  van 
Watch the instructional videos.

To say you're going to one of these places, replace the word ir with voy.

 going to a café  ir a un café
 going to an ice cream shop  ir a una heladería
 going to a party  ir a una fiesta
 going to a pizza place  ir a una pizzería
 going to a play  ir a una obra de teatro
 going to a restaurant  ir a un restaurante
 going to the bathroom  ir al baño
 going to the beach  ir a la playa
 going to the countryside  ir al campo
 going downtown  ir al centro
 going to dance class  ir a la clase de baile
 going to Fenway Park  ir al estadio Fenway
 going to the grocery store  ir al mercado
 going to the game  ir al partido
 going to the gym  ir al gimnasio
 going to hockey practice  ir al entrenamiento de hockey
 going to the mall  ir al centro comercial
 going to the mountains  ir a las montañas
 going to the movie theater  ir al cine
 going to the park  ir al parque
 going to the pool  ir a la piscina
 going to school  ir al colegio / ir a la escuela
 not going anywhere  no ir a ninguna parte

You can replace dance with the kind of class you take (for example, judo, karate or yoga).
You can replace hockey with the kind of practice you go to (for example, béisbol, básquetbol, or fútbol).