El futuro 2: Tarea

Finish filling in the conjugation chart for ir (to go / to be going)

I’m going


we’re going      

    (male or mixed group) __________          

    (all female group) __________        

You’re going     

                    (informal) __________                 

                    (formal) __________                         

y’all are going

     (inform. male / mixed) __________

     (informal all female) __________

     (formal) __________

he’s going __________

she’s going __________

it’s going __________

they’re going __________

     (male or mixed group) __________

     (all female group) __________

Answer the questions. Use the word “a” in every sentence after ir (or any conjugation of ir).

1. Where are you going today (hoy)?

2. What are you going to do today (state at least 3 things you’re going to do).

3. Where are you and your family going this weekend (este fin de semana)?  

4. Where do kids your age go during the day during the school year?

5. Where do kids go during the summer?  Give at least 2 places.