Ir  to go, to be going

                                                 ir = to go , be going
 I go , am going  
 voy  we go , are going
 you go , are going (informal)
 y'all go , are going (informal)
 he goes , is going 
 she goes , is going 
 it goes , is going 

 they go , are going


Where are you going today? 
Maybe you're going home, going to your friend's, or going to an event.  

And what are you going to do today?  
Maybe you're going to read, going to eat, and hopefully going to sleep early.

To say where you're going or what you're going to do, use the ver ir.
Watch the instructional video on the verb ir.

Notice that ir can be used for go or going.
I go to Art every Thursday.                  Voy a Arte cada jueves.
I'm going to Art this Thursday.            Voy a Arte este jueves.

Use ir + a = go to / going to
Watch as Benjamín and his teacher have a conversation using only the verb ir.