People You Know 

In this chapter, you'll learn how to describe yourself and the people closest to you.  You'll learn how to talk about what you look like and your personality, and you'll be able to do the same for your friends and family.  

You'll also learn more about how adjectives - the words you use to describe people - change in Spanish, depending on whom or what you're describing. 

You'll learn how to talk in the future, using the Spanish version of going to - ir a.

You'll learn some about the differences between our Halloween and Mexico's Day of the Dead, and how to describe what you do on Halloween to someone in Spanish. 

Finally, you'll wrap up the chapter learning a little Spain's culture and history.
  • Learn about more adjectives and noun agreement
  • Learn how to talk in the future using ir a
  • The verbs ser and tener
 Vocabulary and Conversation:
  • Learn adjectives to describe people's personality and physical appearance
  • Learn nationalities in Spanish
  • Learn names for common professions
  • Learn to talk about what you like to do
  • Learn to talk about what you do on holidays
  • Learn about Spain's culture and history