Postre  Dessert

We all love desserts, so when you order desserts in different countries, you'll want to know that sometimes they're called different names.

Want some candy?  You can use the words unos caramelos, unos dulces or unas golosinas.

Want a cake?  Depending on what country you're in, it's called una torta, una tarta, un bizcocho, un pastel, or un queque.

What about a pie?  Depending on what country you're in, it's called un pastel, una tarta or un pay.

Notice that if you ask for una tarta or un pastel, you could receive a cake or a pie, depending on where you are.

If you ask for una torta in Mexico, you may get a sandwich!

So it may help to get a look at the item itself before you order it off the menú, just to make sure you know what you're ordering!