Tu mascota Your pet
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In this lesson you'll learn to talk about your pets.  Above, see the captions the dog, the cat, etc.  When you talk about your own pets, you'll use the word mi(s) for my:
 English  Spanish
 my pet  mi mascota
 my pets  mis mascotas

Female animals do not have names ending in -o.  For them, change the -o to -a

 English  Spanish
 my male dog  mi perro
 my female dog  mi perra
 my dogs (all male or mixed group)   mis perros
 my dogs (all female)  mis perras

Male animals can have names ending in -a, when the animal name ends in -a.

 the (male or female) turtle   la tortuga
 the (male or female) frog   la rana

The word for fish - pez - is special.  If you want to say that you have more than one fish, you have to change the letter z to c. You'll see later on that this rule applies to all words that end in -z.

 my fish  mi pez
 my fishes  mis peces

To say that you have one pet, use the word un(a).

 (male) dog  un perro
 (female) dog  una perra
 (male) cat  un gato
 a (female) cat  una gata
 a (male or female) fish   un pez
 a (male or female) turtle   una tortuga

You'll use the word for I have - tengo.

 I have (female) dog.  Tengo una perra.
 I have two cats.  Tengo dos gatos.
 I have fishes.  Tengo peces.
 I don't have any.  No tengo.
 Do you have pets?  ¿Tienes mascotas?
 How many pets do you have?  ¿Cuántas mascotas tienes?