Visitar México 

Mexico is a fascinating place, and the food is amazing. You could go just to eat great food.  

We owe thanks to Mesoamericans for domesticating plants we now consider international foods, like chocolate, vanilla, tomatoes, chiles, avocados, squash and beans. 

Here you'll learn about three more reasons to visit. 

1. To learn about indigenous cultures
People have farmed here since 7000 BCE.

The earliest large and complex civilizations were the Olmec, from about 1500 BCE, in southern Mexico,
and the Maya, from about 2000 BCE in southern Mexico and Guatemala.  
The Mesoamericans developed elaborate writing systems, accurate calendars, and buildings with interesting architecture.

Watch the video on the Maya.

Later came the Toltec, Mixtec, and Aztec cultures.  

The Aztec grew and conquered their neighbors, all from their capital city, Tenochtitlan, that they built in the middle of a lake. Today that city is buried underneath modern-day Mexico City - la Ciudad de México - which is the capital of Mexico.

As a result of this diversity Mexico has more UNESCO World Heritage sites (32)  than any other country in the Americas (we have 20). 
There are also more archaeological sites in Mexico than in any other Latin American country (182). 

Watch the video on the Aztec.
2. To go to colorful festivals

Watch the award-winning Mexican government tourism video. It gives you a peek at some of the local cultures and regional festivals.

One well-known Mexican holiday, the Day of the Dead, is rooted in Aztec beliefs and traditions.