Conversación: Halloween, Día de Muertos

 English Spanish 
 Are you going trick or treating?Vas a pedir caramelos? 
I'm going trick or treating.   Voy a pedir caramelos.
 Are you going to dress up?¿Vas a disfrazarte? 
 I'm going as a ninja.  Voy de ninja.
I'm going to dress up as a ninja.   Voy a disfrazarme de ninja.

Día de los Muertos  Day of the the Deceased

Mexicans celebrate el Día de los Muertos on November 1st and 2nd, two days to remember your loved ones who have died.  You remember them by visiting their gravesite and bringing flowers and a picnic, in order to "visit" with them.  It's a celebratory time, not a sad one.  Children eat sugar "skulls" and decorations with skeletons abound.  Some people believe that their loved ones can, on that day, rise from the dead to spend a few hours with them again. See the film short below: