¿Qué tiempo hace?  How's the weather
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In this lesson you'll learn to talk about the weather in Spanish.  You might not have realized it, but talking about the weather is pretty sophisticated.

When you talk about the weather, you can talk about whether it's nice out or not.  You can talk about whether the weather is usual for the season you're in.  You can talk about the temperature.  You can also talk about what the sky looks like, or whether the air is moving.  Finally, you might talk about whether precipitation is falling.  

Practice remembering what each weather term means, below.

With a partner, discuss the weather forecast for Havana:

Pronóstico  lunes  martes  miércoles  jueves




Here's how to ask someone how the weather is (where they are) and tell someone how the weather is where you are.

English   Spanish
How's the weather?   ¿Qué tiempo hace? 
How's the weather there?  ¿Qué tiempo hace allí? 
 Here ...  Aquí ...

There are the 4 seasons of the year:

 spring  la primavera
 summer  el verano
 fall  el otoño
 winter  el invierno

Here is how to describe the temperature: 

 It's hot.  Hace calor.
 It's warm.  Hace cálido.
 It's cool.  Hace fresco.
 It's cold.  Hace frío.

En el invierno, usualmente hace frío.
In the winter, it's usually cold.

En el verano, usualmente hace calor.
In the summer, it's usually hot.

Next is how to describe the weather. 

 It's sunny.  Hay sol. 
 Hace sol. 
 It's cloudy.  Hay nubes.
 It's foggy.  Hay niebla.
 It's windy.  Hay viento.
 Hace viento.
 It's rainy.  Hay lluvia.
 It's snowy.  Hay nieve.

There are 2 ways to say that precipitation is falling.

 It's raining.  Llueve.
 Está lloviendo.
 It's snowing.  Nieva.
 Está nevando.

Sometimes people describe the weather using the word está: 

 It's hot. Está caluroso. 
 It's warm. Está cálido. 
 It's cool. Está fresco. 
It's cold.   Está frío.
 It's sunny.  Está soleado. 
 It's cloudy.  Está nublado.
 It's rainy.  Está lluvioso.
 It's snowy.  Está nevado.