Get ready to start speaking Spanish!

In this chapter you'll learn what you need in order to start up a short conversation, chat, and say goodbye in Spanish.  You'll also learn useful phrases for when you don't understand what someone said. You'll find out how to ask what a word means in English, and how to let someone know that you didn't understand what he or she said.  You'll be on your way to independence and confidence in everyday conversations!

  • Learn the Spanish alphabet
  • Count to 30
  • Learn greetings and introductions
  • Learn how Spanish titles work
  • Months and days of the week
  • Gender of nouns
 Vocabulary & Conversation:
  • Start and end a conversation
  • Introduce yourself
  • Introduce a friend
  • Tell your name, age and birthday
  • Say whether you have siblings and / or pets
  • Say whether you play a sport or an instrument
  • Learn common phrases for when you don't understand what's being said
  • Communicate with a class learning English in Argentina