Places to Go, Things to Do, People to See

This Unit is your passport to the Spanish-speaking world.  Here you'll learn vocabulary and grammar to enable you to start and carry on conversations with people in Spanish.  You'll learn to chat about everyday topics, as well as learn how to be polite and get help when you need it.  

You'll learn lots of new vocabulary to describe yourself and other people, as well as vocabulary to describe your likes and dislikes. Four of the verbs you'll get to know are ser, estar, gustar and ir.  These will allow you to describe who you are, what you like, what you do and where you go in your free time.  You also learn to ask other people about what they like to do and where they go in their free time.

Here you'll also get to know the geography of the Spanish-speaking world, and you'll take a look at some of the cultures of the countries that you'll be able to visit.  For that reason, in this Unit you'll also start to learn the vocabulary you'll need to make your way around in a foreign country.

Off we go!