Welcome to the World of Spanish!  
¡Bienvenidos al mundo de español!

You'll love learning Spanish.  Spanish is an easy language to learn.  Spelling and pronunciation are simple. You probably already use several Spanish words! Speaking Spanish is a skill that you can practice now, even in your own neighborhood. You can use it in the future, too, to find a job or a date.  After all, Spanish has the 2nd most native speakers in the world, and it's the 3rd most commonly spoken language in the world!

To do your best in this class, learn a few words each day, and use them during your day.

To get started, look at the right sidebar and click on Spanish 1 Semester 1.  Then click on Chapter 1, then lesson 1.1A ¡Hola!

Each lesson has a writing exercise. To do it, click on the . Each lesson has a Quizlet set. To play Quizlet games, click on the .  To do well on your quizzes and tests, play all the Quizlet games, and do your homework. Some lessons have an online self-check exercise. To do it, click on the .  To find a conversation activity to do with a partner, click on the . To find a song that goes with the lesson, click on the 

The site is organized as follows:

Introduction: Here you'll find an outline of what's on this site and instructions on how to install a Spanish keyboard.

Spanish 1: The Spanish 1 Course is a one-year high school Spanish course. There are 2 units in the course. In each unit, you'll find 4 chapters and 1 unit test.  In almost every chapter, you'll complete
  •     10 lessons
  •     2 - 3 Grammar lessons
  •     2 - 3 Verb lessons
  •     1 conversation lesson 
  •     1 culture lesson
Each page on this site is one lesson.  In most lessons you'll do the following:
  •     read new information 
  •     see pictures and charts
  •     watch videos
  •     play games
  •     complete writing homework
Resources: Here you'll find tools to help you in this class, including
  • Conversation topics for you and your seat partner
  • Explanatory grammar videos
  • An online dictionary

First, you'll want to make sure that you can type in Spanish on your computer at home.  If you don't know how, see one of the videos below.
Have a Mac? Learn the key combinations in the video, below.

On PCs and Chromebooks you'll install a Spanish keyboard, which is a lot easier than it sounds.  

Have a Windows PC? 
Follow the instructions in the video below.

Have a Chromebook? 
Follow the instructions in the video below.